HD 48: The Agony of the J Word


The Agony of the J Word

Well we are back and in a post 2nd Anniversary party mood! Tonight’s topic was to be “behind the scenes” and joining us to discuss this and ‘other things’ was Biomassed’s very own Jaysen Larrison, MadnessNetoko, and Mike Azariah! Kyle even managed to sneak in for a few minutes.

THEN, the gremlins hit. And not MY computer this time. They crashed the Mumble server we used to record. ARRRRGHHHH!!

It took us a bit to get the show back on track and we did manage to finish it. Phew… Stay tuned for a Yin of Fin that showcases his nasty Vagabond! Oh, and whatever you do….dont say “jump” to those Agony guys! (hehehe)

The sound quality is a bit muckity since I’m using a brand new mic. Give me time to dial it in and we’ll be back to that dulcimer sound that you’ve come to know and love.

Panel Members for tonight include:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Mike Azariah
Jaysen Larrison

Music on this episode:
Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd
Jump by Van Halen

blah blah blah links blah blah.

8 thoughts on “HD 48: The Agony of the J Word

  1. Absolutely had a blast guys! The Agony crew is loving the episode and you guys are invited to hop in a roam with us when you get the chance.

  2. As always this was another fantastic episode. Great information, fun presentation and not even gremlins could stand in your way.

  3. So first time listener and I really enjoyed it, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a copy of the ISK podcast? I couldn’t find it and I’m wondering if it’s been taken off iTunes. I’m a new player so I wanted to follow up and listen in on that as well.


  4. LOL, you are right. We had been discussing that prior to the show and completely forgot the fact they didnt go into it.

  5. I’ve just resubbed EVE after three years out, and discovered your podcast. Just listening to this episode after downloading the most recent four. Hope to be able to cross paths in game, I’m as good as a newbie to the game – can’t remember anything! Probably going to have to do the tutorials again :’)

    New Eden iD: Jack Corenson [The Scope]

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