HD 46: The Best of Us


Rhea is here! With a new release comes the ups and downs…wait… there are no downs with Rhea. In this episode we have prominent members of the community join the cast to discuss using Eve to battle the scourge of P.T.S.D (post traumatic stress disorder). In addition, we cover the Rhea expansion, ISboxer, Ashterothi forms a cult, Randoms Bowhead, Fintarues defense of the Lowsec Meta, Mike Azariahs hot drop, and Kyles embracing of all things Nullsec.

Our panel is rounded out with the following upstanding citizens:

Random McNally, Kyle Yanowski, Ashterothi, Fintarue, Shadowandlight, J Mcclain, Mike Azariah

Songs in this episode:

Yesterday by the Street Dogs

Back to the World Street Dogs

The Scolding Wife by Great Big Sea

2 thoughts on “HD 46: The Best of Us

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Ashterothi. In my defense I can say while I write for CZ I have never been *on* the podcast 😉

    Also I wanted to express my thanks for the work J Mcclain is doing. I have a very good friend who was in the army and in an actual war, a very dirty one. She is much better now but over the course of many years had severe problems dealing with her experience. Every initiative to reach out to people like that and offer them a comfortzone is highly appreciated.

  2. I loved Fin’s use of the Firetail as a stepping-stone to the more expensive Dramiel. I think it would be great if that was something you tried to hit more often, and would be more new-player friendly. For instance “before you hop into the Confessor, try this Coercer fit, then try this Heretic fit – here are the general tactics you’re trying to learn.” I know that may not be possible for all chains, but I bet it’s possible for a lot.

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