HD 43: A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past

Well, computers are funny things. And to a dinosaur like me, I mean funny in a “how fast can I segregate it’s integrated circuits” sort of way. Another lost episode retrieved thanks to the intervention of Protovarius. He stripped away the audio in it’s raw form from Fin’s Twitch stream and was able to salvage almost all of it and what an episode it was! Our blast from the past was the return of High Drag’s very own Zao Amadues. Zao, along with a Mike Azariah hot drop, join the panel for what was a cutting edge discussion about the Oceanus release. Weeeellll, by the time we got it out, it was a bit dated. There were fun in this recording, though! Listen up and enjoy, for a first in High Drag history, both a Yin of Fin AND a Tao of Zao!

This is definitely podcast history!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Zao Amadues
Mike Azariah

Music this episode:
Renegade by Styx
Pinball Wizard by The Who

Stay tuned for the Yin/Tao fits! They should be posted sometime in 2014….I hope.

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