HD 40: The Over The Hill Show

The Over The Hill Show

Well, it was bound to happen. Our drunken little podcast has hit maturity and is now considered “Over The Hill”. What better way to celebrate our backslide into old age than to have the return presence of Mike Azariah, CSM member and a feller that is older than myself. (That makes him ancient…) We balance this with Fintarue and we discuss the upcoming Hyperion release and the nifty new changes that are on the horizon.

In our second segment, we discuss a letter by the Mittani himself on the Mittani(dot)com. C’mon dude, you cannot be arrogant and ignorant…. Mike brings in the “traffic and weather” segment by reporting where the dangerous areas of New Eden are and then Fin brings us to ascendancy with a Retribution fit.

Slightly shorter episode since we were tired…

Music This Episode:
Changes by David Bowie
Everysinglebodyelse by Butch Walker and the Black Widows

In the “are you serious” links:

Be sure to use your walker to get to iTunes and give us a 5 star rating. It will show those whippersnappers at Crossing Zebras something or other….

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