HD 38: A Noob Hope

A Noob Hope

Welcome back to the High Drag where we ask the question “What can we do for the Newbs that we haven’t done already?” Ashterothi said “why don’t we just do a whole episode for answering noob questions”?


So episode 38, A Noob Hope, is a totally noob-centric podcast episode. We take a mail we received and answer a bunch of the questions. We handed out our Newb Package (care of CSM Member Mike Azariah and the Angel Project) How easy was that?

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music This Episode:
Hammer To Fall by Queen
I’ve Never Done Anything Like This by Bowling for Soup

Fin’s Noob Ship Fits coming soon™!!

Important Links (thanks for reminding me Anna Karhunen)

Keep sending in your questions and be sure to go to iTunes and give us a rating so we can :smug: at Crossing Zebras!

8 thoughts on “HD 38: A Noob Hope

  1. A Noob Hope almost makes me want to try Eve.I am a duster and have followed Eve podcast for two years(podside,High drag etc)I could fly a pod for kill rights and look around the universe. Thanks keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks man!! If you decide to take the plunge, let us know. I’ll see what we can do about getting you a noob package.

  3. I’m not a newbee, but I really like the episode. Got me thinking about things I’ve not thought about before. I’m recommending this episode and this podcast to new EVE people. Really like the podcast. Keep up the good work!

    1. Always a good start! The tutorials can drag but they have some very good base information. Remember, when you are done with them, New Eden is your playground. Go and have fun!

  4. Love your podcast! You guys are great, and this episode was particularly useful. I’ve been playing EVE for just more than a week. I love it 😀 Hopefully I’ll see you all in game. Keep up the good work with the podcasts!

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