HD 34: Shiny Tinfoil Episode

Shiny Tinfoil Episode

Grab a fresh roll of Reynolds wrap, we’re screwing the foil beanies down tight in this episode!

Our beloved podcasting rapscallions return for episode 34 and discuss the controversies happening with our beloved CCP Overlords. Discussing Who we are, What we’ve been doing and going right into some theorycrafting with the Mordus Legion ships. Then we flip the shiny side of the foil outward and discuss the devs that are fleeing and is EVE really dying? And, whose voice rounds out the cast? Haven’t heard from Zealot in a while…and still don’t. O.o

Our Panel:
Kyle “I haz all the foil” Yanowski
Random “I just quit smoking” McNally
Ash-“just lemme buy my damn house”-terothi
Fin-“say my name, bitch!”-tarue
Zealot “they call me the breeze” Comadrin

Music this episode:
Grand Illusion by Styx
Twilight Zone by Golden Earring
The Way by Fastball

Look for the Dual Prop Dramiel fit soon™.

You can contact us:
Kyle Yanowski @keepitlikeitwas
Random McNally @RandomMcnally1
Fintarue @fintarue
Ash @Ashterothi

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12 thoughts on “HD 34: Shiny Tinfoil Episode

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Ron. To be fair, there is only one “dick” joke in the entire episode, unplanned I might add, and, of course, an hour and fifty minutes of solid Eve Online content. Give it a chance, and please let us know what you think again.


      1. I wasn’t disappointed, I mean, it is your content. You can create it anyway that you see fit. I might not even be your audience either. So it’s all good. I am currently in a big alliance and the mumble joking and horseplay is very common to me and I get it every night. I was just looking to hear some different opinions on the game mechanics or hopefully the upcoming patch, which I’m getting mixed opinions on. That’s all. For me personally, I would liken it to turning on a National Geographic show about bears and listening to the hosts joke around with each other for 5 minutes with an assorted dick joke or two. Funny or not, tell me about the damn bears! haha. Have a good day man.

      2. You certainly did catch us on an unusual night. Generally, you don’t hear a lot of penis humor from us. Hopefully you found the rest of the show to your liking.

  1. [Dramiel, Fintarue’s Dramiel]

    Gyrostabilizer II
    Internal Force Field Array I
    Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

    1MN Afterburner II
    Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I
    Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
    X5 Prototype Engine Enervator

    E5 Prototype Energy Vampire
    125mm Gatling AutoCannon II, Barrage S
    125mm Gatling AutoCannon II, Barrage S

    Small Anti-Kinetic Pump I
    Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
    Small Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I

  2. I was wondering about this in a thread on Reddit, so I’d like to ask you who the Highsec bloc is?

    1. It no longer exists, I was in transition to another corporation; rather than be in the scope, I created a holder corporation. I hope this is what you were asking about?

      1. 1:25:30 Ashterothi referenced the High Sec “bloc”. I’d say that’s what his question was about. People find it easier to talk about High Sec like it’s comprised of one group – that if apathy wasn’t so strong High Seccers could corral their herd of cats in support of certain candidates that would benefit Empire, but it does have some big groups with voting power like RvB and The New Order. Calling them a bloc is a stretch though. Gevlon Goblin should send a voting ballot down the pipe for all of us to lock in, like the null sec blocs do. See how that goes…

        Also, do you ship High Drag mugs to Australia? >=)

      2. If there is enough interest and we can get a usable logo, then I’m sure we could find a way to ship a mug to you. 😉

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