HD 33: Red Wedding Fanfest Style

Red Wedding Fanfest Style

Wow! CCP’s greatest party on behalf of the players. A major shindig for three days celebrating the relationship between CCP, their various universes, and their player base.

Who let in Walder Frey?

We recorded this episode on an off night to discusses Fanfest, the upcoming summer expansion and the reveals presented by CCP including Katee Sackoff (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica fame) joining in the voice over works for EVE Valkyrie and the PR fiasco during the Dust514 keynote address. Hans Jagerblitzen joins us again, now free to speak more about EVE Legion, CCP Rouge and what went wrong in what was supposed to be great news for the Dusties. Congratulations to all the elected members of CSM 9! Now that Xander Phoena survived the election process, we probably wont hear the end of it. 😉

The Panel:
Kyle Yanowski
Random McNally
Hans Jagerblitzen

Yin of Fin Fitting:

[Taranis, Episode 33 HD]

Damage Control II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I

125mm Railgun II, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S
125mm Railgun II, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S
125mm Railgun II, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S
[Empty High slot]

Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Music this episode:
Rains of Castamere
High Enough by Damn Yankees
Where You Belong by .38 Special

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9 thoughts on “HD 33: Red Wedding Fanfest Style

  1. We, as the benevolent media overlords are allowed to make verbal mistakes since we make no claims to fair and unbiased culturally neutral reporting.

    Having said that, we will quietly mock Kyle.

    Thanks Surri and Runcible!!

    1. Thank YOU guys, i look forward to the show every week, and one of these days ill finally manage to catch you while you are streaming your recording. I live over in Onatoh/Tannolen so is awesome to hear you guys talking about whats going on in my backyard. I was camped into a staion by rifterlings once when i was a brand new pilot and Anslo brought some Scope Works guys over to help us out as they were the only people we really knew at the time, ever since then I’ve lived in lowsec and enjoyed every minute of it. I got the chance to fly along side some of aiderons fleets for some great fights that broke out on the hubs during the Innia Outreach Program and the campaign to take hysera and the rest of the pipe this past month or 2. Keep it up guys, your guests are great and the way you do your show is both interesting and easy to follow, even for new players. You may feel greatful that you have listeners and that you have a highly rated podcast, but Im equally thankful to have the information you guys put out.

      1. Thanks again, Runcible! Even when Kyle is wrong, we love hearing from the listeners!

        (oh, I know that is going to come back and bite me….)

  2. I don’t quite understand Hans’ argument that Dust and Legion are the same community.

    Even on his wrap up, he expressly states that most of the community doesn’t understand the context, because they can’t watch fanfest from their PS3s. Their PS3s…

    That’s the rub isn’t it? Most Dust players are console players and aren’t likely to make the switch to a PC version. So no matter how much Hans or any of the other CPM might like the move to PC, by chosing that direction CCP is effectively abandoning a large percentage of the Dust player base moving forward. So, why exactly should these players get excited about Legion?

    “Its the same as DUST just with all the things we’ve been asking for for years, why don’t you guys like it? They’re finally moving forward on the stuff we’ve been asking them for since Beta!”

    Yeah, except they’re doing it in a different game, on a platform that most console players are unlikely to move to. Woot! I’m excited about getting to play all this stuff we’ve been asking for.. except that I can’t play it….

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