HD 31: Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villians

Here we are and right on time!! We deserve medals! Your intrepid core of drunken podcasters return with episode 31, Heroes and Villains. We are joined by Anslo, hero of the Scope, to talk about our adventures with Xander Phoena (of Crossing Zebras fame and CSM9 candidate), what we’ve been doing in game, and the main topic which is “Who are our heroes and villains” and how does that good/evil thing work in EVE. Fin joins in a little late, but delivers his Vexor fit for the Yin segment.

Panel Members this time around:
Kyle Yanowski
Random McNally

Music this episode:
The Tempest by the Real McKenzies (a Kyle request!)
Hero by Chad Kroger

Important links!!
https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/gl24/jason-s-salvation Please donate to help a fellow capsuleer!


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5 thoughts on “HD 31: Heroes and Villains

  1. Wow. I can not believe the level of tears within this episode. Tears. Tears. Tears. People are drawn to this game because it’s a real sandbox. People are going to do whatever they want.

    The Scope guy that was talking about the culture of tear collecting was completely out of line. There are literally entire alliances based on this. Great job marginalizing an entire genre of play. What about WH evictions? Come on. This is why we play this game.

    With the “changes” suggested and and the attitude reflected by the cry babies on show I would suggest you go play Hello Kitty online.

    If we want to be douchebag we’ll be douchebags.

    1. Tear collector tears are twice as good as regular tears. Appreciate your opinion, but I’m sticking with Anslo on this one. Tear collecting culture does nothing for this game but create justifiable targets on our roams.

  2. As someone who has donated tears and actively mined for them (remember Hulkageddon?), I’m ambivalent on the subject. If you want to be a douchebag, go and be. One of the points that stuck with me on the episode is that IF you are going to be a douchebag, then at least have the balls to put your money where your mouth is. Honestly, douchebags that beat their chest and drop the “HelloKittyOnline is that way–>” should be prepared to stand up for their words.

    The episode was about Heroes and Villains. To some, “tear collectors” are villains. Some stand against that. Those people are heroes (to some). I don’t feel that Anslo was out of line, he was just representing his viewpoint and the viewpoint of the oft maligned newer players that tend to be the easy target. If you’d like to represent your view point, let us know. Just be prepared to not be the popular kid in the class.

  3. Little update. A self-claimed ‘highsec griefing/merc’ corp dec’d my corp, a lowsec corp, last night.

    lol what

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