HD 30: O.o Sindel says Suck It

HD 30 O.o Sindel says Suck It

…and it seems to be the central theme of the show!

This weeks episode (delayed slightly by me going to the Milwaukee Meet Up) discusses some things that we would like the upcoming CSM to take to the table with CCP. Our special guest, Sindel Pellion, joins the panel with her insites and we discuss her new player project, The Angel Project, some expectations that she must live with as far as being a Pandemic Legion pilot and Ashterothi leads us off with a tear bucket loaded with opinions!

Oh, and Suck It.

Our panel this time around:
Random McNally
Sindel Pellion

Music this episode:
Makalu Cries and Eve Dumb Ways To Die by Sindel Pellion (with added talent by Rixx Javixx)

Links this show:

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*No Xander Phoena’s were hurt during the making of this episode*

2 thoughts on “HD 30: O.o Sindel says Suck It

  1. I think Random McNally May have gotten me confused with someone else lol. At least as far as I know i’m not a CSM candidate.

  2. Distinctly possible. I have to put arrows on my shoes and a note reminding me that the arrows point out.

    Sorry if I’ve confused you..

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