Bring Me The Corpse of Xander Phoena…Update!

Xander Phoena and Jeg Elsker, the awesome hosts of Crossing Zebras Podcast made a comment that we, at the High Drag Podcast, MUST respond to! We have placed a bounty on the corpse of Xander and Jeg!

For Xander:
1 billion isk (complements of Random McNally)
1 Plex (compliments of Eve Black Jack)
1 Plex (compliments of Kyle Yanowski but MUST have a smartbomb)
1 Plex (compliments of Ashterothi for the corpse)
1 Stratios (compliments of Fintarue if there is a cloaky on the KM)
1 Plex (compliments of Draleth if an industrial is on the Kill)
1 billion isk (compliments of PirateTrader if the kill is made by a BNI member)
400 frigates (compliments of Fintarue if it takes a fleet to do it!)

THIS JUST IN! 1 Plex added by Northern Misfit (of RVB fame) for the corpse! I think we could transfer it to you when we’re done!

Wow…thats a nice bounty!

For Jeg:
200K isk (compliments of Random and Kyle)
1 T2 Passive Targetter (compliments of Random McNally)
8 T2 Warp Core Stabs (compliments of Asterothi)

KM must be API verified. Must be dated after 02/12/2014. Submit a story, the KM and the corpses for judgement from the High Drag Panel and you could collect that sweet bounty. Contest runs until the end of March 2014!

(The members of High Drag would love to thank Xander and Jeg for being great sports in this little Podcast pvp match. We highly encourage everyone to listen to Crossing Zebras Podcast!)

8 thoughts on “Bring Me The Corpse of Xander Phoena…Update!

  1. Piratetrader didn’t clarify. He just said a “Brave member”.

    OK, spoke with piratetrader. He said anyone in the alliance.

    So, your good! 😉

    1. For the podcast? Yes! You’ll find it on ….er….

      Kyle swapped it around again.

      Should be on the right hand side!

  2. It says till the end of march but doesn’t look like his head has been delivered. Is this bounty still up by chance?

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