Kil2 Can and You Can Too! Part 2


Kil2 can and so can you! Part 2

Its funny how the past catches up with you. Without fail and no matter what, skeletons will pop out of the closet and strangle you.

Of course I wasn’t thinking  of such things when I jumped into the gate camp nestled cozily in web and scram range around the far end of the PF-3 gate.  My mind was was focused solely on the cycling armor repairers,  picking a target to neutralize (capacitor wise), and managing drones. At this point, who was camping the gate and what they were camping in is immaterial; at about the time the first ship was locked, a fleet from the corporation Hail to the King arrived.

The campers must have noticed them on long scan well in advance of their arrival, because I had been pumping my fist in the air with enthusiasm as the greatly superior force I was fighting, star bursted in all directions, disappearing off of the grid. I thought, for a small second, that these campers were scared to fight a Myrmodon. I was wrong when the first set of Lokis arrived, followed by broadswords, cyclones, and Vexor Navy Issues.

I decided to stay and fight, as hopeless as that was. After watching my armor repairers turn bright red, and seeing huge gaps in where my armor should be, I decided that this was not a fight I wanted to take. I recalled drones and burned back to the gate. Once the aggression timer was complete, I jumped out of the fire, and into the net of High Sec safety. Or so I thought.

PF-386 borders the High Sec system of Orvolle. When the jump tunnel collapsed, and the Cretans of Hail to the King were far behind me,  I reveled in the sight of concord ships floating around the gate. Spending the last 2 years in Lowsec, Concord isn’t an organization I was used to seeing, so I spent a good minute staring at the unique ships. I managed to repair my armor, I had one XL capacitor booster left, and reloaded my ammunition. Then, the gate flashed. Hail to the King jumped through.

I only really engaged a single ship, so I didn’t think anything of it. While waiting for a move to be made, something tickled the back of mind. That something happened to be the recollection of one of many capsuleers being podded during my time as a pirate… and of course… the kill rights associated with such reckless destruction. Before I could react, Hail to the King activated a kill right on my Myrmidon.

I’d like to say I fought the good fight. I’d like to say I took a few ships out with me. Oh I’d like to say that, but, the fight was one sided. Hail to the King 1, Yanowski  0. I was simply too relaxed and unprepared to take the fight in Highsec, I was out of ammunition, and capacitor boosters. I tried to jump back to Null, but they burned through my tank and sent my pod on its merry way (in tact, mind you). All the while, my hand was shaking. For anyone that has quit tobacco,  only to start up again, knows of the head rush associated with nicotine coursing back into a purged system. Stepping up to a new class of Solo PvP gave me that same head rush, same shakiness.

Failed, but content in the story I just created, I went back to the station and fit another Battle Cruiser. I’ll try fountain this time. I turned up the volume on another Bringing Solo Back episode, undocked, and pointed my ship to the west.

One thought on “Kil2 Can and You Can Too! Part 2

  1. I remember this kill very much lol! We thought you were with the blob! Well if you ever want to join your more then welcome to fleet up with our merry gang of misfits lol

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