HD 27: Thems Fightin’ Words

Thems Fightin’ Words

Xander Phoena from the Crossing Zebra’s podcast made a mention of High Drag being “shitty”. Well, you mix alcohol and you get the intoxicated ramblings of the panel for this episode. Kyle Yanowski returns from his stay in a hippie commune learning peace, love and organic produce but scraps it all with his return to EVE Online. Joining us on the panel is Arcturus Helio, owner of EVE Blackjack (dot)com and we discuss what we’ve been doing, KnotHeather (Mrs. Ashterothi) asks a Noob question and Random’s failure to grasp low sec and our new High Drag sponsored contest!

Helio gives us his Super Kitey Tristan fit and in the Yin of Fin, we discuss Fin’s solo designed dual tank Navitas.

Our Panel:
Random McNally
KnotHeather (Mrs. Ashterothi)
Arcturus Helio


Music this episode:
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper
Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters

Our Contest: #1 CCP Certified Xander Phoena Corpse Collection

Best API verified kill (as judged by the HD Panel) will receive…
1 billion ISK. (from Random McNally)
1 Plex (graciously donated by EVE Blackjack)
1 Plex (from Kyle Yanowski but only if a smartbomb is involved!)
1 Plex (from Ashterothi if the corpse of Xander is delivered to him)
1 Stratios (from Fintarue and KFIN 0.4)

400 Frigates (from Finatarue and KFIN 0.4 if it takes a few more of you than expected.)

(WE love you, Xander. In a hetero sort of way….)

8 thoughts on “HD 27: Thems Fightin’ Words

  1. Hej, could you also post a dl link?
    I really like your podcast, but i tend to listen it on the phone and would like to dl in on my pc to save some dl volume 🙂

  2. I’m not certain what kind of computer you are running but if you right click on the link at the top (just underneath the player) and select “save link as…”, that should do what you are looking for.

    However, I AM the technological caveman of the panel….


  3. Alexander Castellan here.

    Kyle, thanks for the shout-out. Situational awareness is key, particularly when you have 100mil ISK in relic and data site loot sitting in the cargohold of your Imicus in low sec.

    Next time you see me, it’ll be in my new cov-ops fit Astero… Should I put some warp core stabs on it???

  4. About the noob questions. She may be getting rigged ships and not having the skills. The ship would take the full penitently instead of a percentage based on skills. Also, the certificate system is still in the NeoCom, it will give you a full list of skills that change how different modules work and your mastery of that system. ISIS can help but the certificate mastery system will let her focus on one thing.

  5. Funny thing is, If I hadn’t been listening to “Crossing Zebras” I may never have found “High Drag.” I tine into these podcasts to learn more about Eve game play and tactics; tips and tricks; and to here what other people are doing.

    So far I much prefer “High Drag” over others(“Crossing Zebras”, “Declarations of War”). So many other casts are geared for Veterans only rather than to those are new or still learning.


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