HD 26: An Evening With chYph3r

An Evening with chYph3r

BB King, the great blues guitarist once sang “The Thrill is gone.” In this episode, the beloved knuckledraggers are joined by chYph3r in a chat about the upcoming changes in Rubicon 1.1 and how the proposed changes for the upcoming point release really have no one thrilled. He sticks around to discuss our topic, “What do you do when you hit a lul?” and we chat at some length about ideas that players can follow when their particular game play just doesn’t seem to excite them anymore. In the Yin of Fin, we do a very brief discussion of the Republic Fleet Firetail.

Our Panel:
Random McNally

Music selections by:
We’re Not Going To Take It by Twisted Sister
Don’t Be Cruel by Cheap Trick

Grats to Seamus Gaterau and we finally use that “epic” intro!!

4 thoughts on “HD 26: An Evening With chYph3r

  1. 1. The intro kicks ass!
    2. All drone nerfs suck, period.
    3. The proletariat agree, 1.1 is a patch we all could live without.
    4. Just started a second account. Did everything on one toon and while being a jack of all trades is nice, having mastered none during my 10 months in game kinda sucks. Other than NCAA 14, I only play EvE.
    5. Nice ‘cast. Made my commute home from work much better. Peace.

    1. Thanks Zain! Glad you like the ‘cast!

      Yea, Rubicon 1.1 is the point release that we’re all looking for that silver lining. Perhaps time will show it.


  2. I politely disagree with your review of 1.1 in just about every way.
    1. Drone nerfs/buffs mean we have to adapt. ‘It’s been like that from day one’ is not a good response to fixing something – you’re basically defining the bittervet argument.
    2. The ESS looks like fun. Complaining about a 5% nerf to null sec income because you’re charged ridiculous renters fees is misdirected. Don’t like it? Don’t pay renters fees. Nothing is stopping you from breaking free of one of the big three, getting contacts with other corps who want null, and taking a chunk of space for yourself.
    3. In general, 1.1 is not ‘The patch we could live without’ – it’s the ‘here’s your new, improved Rubik’s cube. Go fuck yourself some more’ patch. The game is getting more depth, not a new direction. I think it’ll make things more interesting, although it’ll be a while before everyone knows how to adapt.

    Sorry if that’s a little harsh – but there it is.

    1. And that is totally cool!

      We all have different opinions and I, for one, will certainly change mine as I “see” the new content. I also agree that CCP shaking the sandbox on occasion is not a bad thing. Sometimes, I find that there is a tiny bittervet where my EVE starry-eyed awe is.

      Thanks for reminding us that a shake up is a good thing and posting posting your thoughts. Still doesn’t mean we cannot grumble. 😉

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