It Was Bound To Happen…

It’s a sad, sad day.

On Sunday the 17th of November, I finally was able to settle the duel with HerrBert of Semper Ubi Sub Ubi. Allow me to set the stage.

It was a typical Sunday for me. This means, busy as hell. I sat about dawdling on getting the podcast edited in the hopes of finally getting this duel business finished. I thought that warming up was a good idea so I jumped into my Enyo (parked in Amarr) and flew back towards RVBland.

I should take a moment to mention that something “kooky” happened to my computer that caused me to loose ALL my overview data. Since I’m a complete moron on setting up Overviews, I should have seen this red flag.

Back to my tale. I fly back to RVBland in my Enyo, happy as a clam, when I land on gate and see 4 of my beloved Red Fed brothers battling a flashy red. “Good Heavens”, think I. (Yes, I do think things like that.) WAR TARGET!! I leap back through the gate and immediately engage this flashy red villian. ENYO power! He dies very quickly. That’s, when I get worried.

My fellow Red Feds start attacking me. Wut?

I look up and notice I’m in Poinen. Yea, I landed in the middle of the FFA with a T2 ship. This means, I’m primary. D’oh! I join fleet and apologize profusely for my error.

(This was red flag #2. uh, for those keeping track)

I pew. I welp. I’m warmed up and ready to go! But still, my opponent has not made himself known. I take a leisurely flight back to Amarr figuring that since I’ve missed TWO roams waiting, I may as well resign myself to editing episode 22 of High Drag. In the uber sekrit Skype podcasters channel, Tumbles Goodness (who was to video the duel) confirmed that I was the winner due to HerrBert’s no show.

Not easy to swallow.

I start editing and low and behold, Bert comes in! OK!, now I’m warmed up and ready to fight! I log back into Random, Gynax Gallenor (of Conquering Darkness and Fly Reckless podcast) gets pressed into service as our referee. He’s at the sun. One of us warps to him at “0”, the other at “100”.

We undock for our first battle. I in my Talwar, Bert in his Algos. Well, crap. Drones. Suffice it to say that my poor missile chucking Talwar, the first I’ve ever owned, survivor of several RVB fleets, died.

I may have wept…

Second battle. I undock sniper Cormorant and Bert undocks Catalyst. If you are a listener of Fly Reckless, Connall Tara spoke about how this sniper Cormie puts people into fits of rage. My fit had 80+KM locking range and could hit with Spike ammo. I took no damage and Bert was unhappy. OP success!

Score is now 1-1.

Final battle. I was cocky and undocked a Rocket Corax, Bert undocks Talwar. OH, crap! We were both MWD fit, and I knew that the Talwar could easily outrange my Dual MASB Corax. After a fair bit of dancing (I chased and couldn’t catch, try slingshot maneuver and STILL couldn’t catch him) he finally moved in close enough to slap a web on him. By this time, my MWD was melted. I overheated Rocket launchers and we slugged it out. I was focusing on my MASB’s so intently that I didn’t pay attention to my melting launchers. Things were dire for both of us! I had used up ALL my Cap Booster Charges for the MASB’s and was dropping fast to his LML’s. My rockets were tearing him apart!

Then it happened. Just as Bert was saying “You got me.” my launchers burnt out. He got 1, yes 1 more volley and blew my Corax apart. It was probably the most exciting fight I’ve ever been in. IF I had changed out from precision missiles to rage, the fight would have been VERY different but that was a HUGE error on my part.

Now, I leave to you, the podcast listeners and blog readers, did Bert get the win, or did the no show give me the default win?

I await you comments….

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