Episode 21: The Angry Eve Episode

Well, now that we are over the hump of making 20 of these Eve Online Podcast episodes, you would think that we would be happy. Well we are, but not for this episode. Usually, we’re a bunch of nice nerds on this show, but for episode 21, we let off some steam in the direction of people, places, and things in and around Eve Online that have angered us over the past few months.

Take everything you hear with a grain of salt, because even though we might hate something now, doesn’t mean we don’t love it in the grand scheme of things! Rest assured dear listener, we will always, always love you, no matter what! Disclaimers aside, we spent a good bit of time on this episode.

Taking some of the suggestions from the community, we’ve added normalization and other “refining” effects to improve the quality of the Podcast. I had to learn all about Adobe Audition in between flights at Atlanta airport. Below is proof that, yes, we do actually edit this Podcast.


In this Episode:

  • Our panel is rounded out with Kyle Yanowski, Random Mcnally, Ashterothi, and Fintature. Zao and Zealot, because their names begin with “z”, fell alseep a little early and could not make it.
  • We streamed live on Fintarue’s twitch channel which you can find here.
  • We get angry about Somergate, TEST Alliance, Interlude music, and much much more.
  • Fintarue fills in with a railgun brawling Tristan for the Tao of Fin.
  • Random asks about volley and grouping for the Noob Segment
  • Music in this episode is by Great Big Sea, and Here Comes the Boom
  • The Ship Spinning Gambling site has been helping Fintature out. Go and support them here.


28 thoughts on “Episode 21: The Angry Eve Episode

  1. This was the first time I have listened to your podcast, and it is obvious that you do not do any research at all into your topics.

    Your rant against the “Somer of Rage” movement was so off-base that I can say with 100% confidence that you have no idea what you are talking about in regards to this “scandal”. You name dropped Xander Phoena, but you then make the same “jealousy” argument that pissed him off so much. At least read the blog of the person whose name you drop.

    1. Thanks for listening Troy. Although I do enjoy a good troll every now and then, I have to say we put quite a bit of research into this podcast of ours. We were tied into the Somer of Rage “scandal” from the beginning; we have heard all sides of the argument, during all phases of the problem, through just about every media source (forums, podcasts, blogs, official statements) yet we focused on a single area of the “scandal” for the sake of time and discussion. We also did not drop Xander Phoena’s name in a negative way… at all. (I just spent 5 hours editing this podcast, so If I did, provide a time stamp and I’ll apologize, because my brain is now a pile of editing mush, and we love Xander and CZ). That being said, we knew the subject matter of this episode would twinge a few nose hairs… thanks for proving us right. Try not to take too much offense, this episode was a one time deal.

      1. Your response to me is indicative of why your podcast is difficult to take seriously. You have the outlandish opinion that anyone who disagrees with you, for any reason, is a troll.

        I’m not going to fact check your podcast for you, but there were a number of factual inaccuracies in your show that could have been cleared up by performing a cursory Google search. For example, Chribba is not the only person that has a capital ship in high sec. And if you participate in the metagame, even a little, you’d know that.

        For example, this reddit post about a carrier being killed in high sec: http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/1pfi5j/highsec_carrier_down/

        Or Ripard Teg’s writeup of the carrier kill here: http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/2013/10/kill-of-week-capital-letters.html

        Or TMC’s writeup of the carrier kill here: http://themittani.com/news/highsec-archon-destroyed

        You guys aren’t stupid, so stop acting like you are.

      2. First, we are not journalists. Second, we are not above admitting when we make a mistake. In this case, you are correct that Chribba is not the only player to have an exception made when it comes to carriers in HISEC. During live shows, which is what we are essentially (broadcasts every two weeks on http://www.twitch.tv, then cleaned up for podcast distribution) mistakes are often made. As a point of fact, during the recording of episode 21, several twitch members pointed out that HISEC carrier inconsistency in real time. Since Chribba was used as a single point to the larger discussion of exceptions being made for individuals, we didn’t get hung up on it. Nor should we ever, mediating a live discussion, and bickering over a single inconsistency doesn’t make for good podcasting. Furthermore and to digress just a bit, Chribba, although not the only person to own a carrier in HISEC, was the most vocal when all carrier construction was moved into LOWSEC, and therefore, he was the pivot point for CCP making the HISEC carrier exception. It is kind of like the Edward Snowden ordeal. He will be known as the only NSA whistleblower, when in fact, there were quite a few.

        Thirdly, this is actually the first aggressive, ad hominem disagreement we have had on HighDrag. Congratulations. I could easily say to you, that if you don’t like how we run our show, then don’t lsiten to it ( A typical eve response). But I won’t do that, because even though I don’t like your tone or attacks, I still value your opinion as a listener and as a capsuleer. As I said above, we are not beyond the ability of admitting we are wrong. If you don’t believe me, scroll through the comments on the webpage, listen to ASHTEROTHI admitting a mistake in episode 20, browse the forums, check tweetfleet. We are wrong all of the time, and most of the time, we own up to it.

        Lastly, although I am touched that you want us to strive for a production level and consistency of a modern day newsroom, sadly, we don’t have the resources for it. Sometimes, we have to bow our heads in shame, and move on with the completely free podcast that we put a lot of time into, so that you, the listener, can enjoy our contribution to the EVE Community. I’ll make this pledge: If you find something that is wrong, or a fact that is inaccurate, post a comment, and we will address it. Promise.

      1. I wasn’t offended so much as perplexed as to how they could so badly miss the mark about the Somer of Rage scandal, especially considering how well it has been covered by almost every other blogger and podcast.

    2. I loved this Episode, I think all of your arguments are completely valid. “you pay to play in CCP’s sandbox” Get the fuck over it. CCP owns EVE, you do not. They can award anyone they want to and should do so very rightly. If you are going to get pissy cause someone has a difference of opinion don’t listen or once again get the fuck over it. Thank you all who run this PODCAST and keep me playing and podcasting myself.

    3. Hey Troy, thanks for your comments.

      Speaking for myself only, the “Angry” segment was meant for entertainment and Kyle all but said that in his disclaimers. The purpose was to vent a little based on the events that people in EVE are literally raging about.

      To put things into perspective, my personal philosoply regarding the Somer of Rage is that it’s really not that big a deal. The IScorps? I think that CCP is more than in their rights to dole out toys to people that have gone out of their way to make the game more dynamic. I have no issues with this, whatsoever. The people raging, regardless of why, IMHO are being childish.

      Somer’s RMT? I will start out by saying that I am against RMT and botting. For whatever reason CCP uses for criteria for banhammering RMT’ers and botters, thats for them to decide and enforce. With regards to Somer “cashing in” on the sales? Again, thats for CCP to take action. However, I am really disappointed with the people that, in reaction, decided to be asshats since “Well, Somer did it, why can’t I?”

      I will say, that holding up my anatomically correct frigate doll, I cannot point out where Somer touched it’s bad places. I still go to work. I still take care of my family. I still play the game.

      I will also state that Somer have done many generous things for the EVE community. Just off the top of my head, the donation of 100Plex to the Pod and Planet contest for prizes. I’m fairly certain you don’t need me to generate a list of more.

      Regarding Somer’s “in game credit” when purchasing through them? I would call that good business. If I’m running a gaming store and I offer coupons to my in store coffee and doughnuts for pre-purchasing your game from me vs. the shop down the street, why is that bad? Would I need to rage if the guy who pre-ordered, took his coupon and sold it for 80% of the value?

      I briefly played blinks but gave it up because I was donating far more than I was winning. Was there a need for me to rage to the public? No, I just stopped using them. No muss/no fuss. The same goes for the game itself. If I find that my enjoyment of the game isn’t worth the money (Yes, I pay money), then I’ll gladly give my possessions to whomever I choose, say goodbye to the friends that I have made and leave. Jumping up and down banging my chest will do nothing other than make me look like an idiot.

      This is a game. This is a game where CCP owns the balls, the bats, the bases. They make the rules. We pay for the privilage to stomp around in their game. Giving our opinions of what we think is wrong is fine but as I’ve heard stated before, “If you rage over every little thing, it dampens our voice when the situation occurs that requires our rage”.

      I dont know if I’ve addressed your concerns on the segment, however, we do appreciate your feedback. I will concur with Kyle, if I make a mistake, I’ll gladly go on record and own up to it. However, I will retain the right to hold my opinions, regardless of accuracy, as my own.


      1. I love the ignorant argument that it’s CCP’s game and they can do what they want with it. The fact that the CSM was even created should tell you that, at one point at least, even CCP didn’t believe that.
        Yes, CCP can do what they want with their game, however I and the owners of the other accounts own the $15 or so a month we choose to give CCP.
        “Regarding Somer’s “in game credit” when purchasing through them? I would call that good business.” A business that clearly violates several sections of the EULA that we all agreed to. But that’s OK with you because they give some of the fake money back while pocketing real money.
        CCP has told SOMER and others to stop what they have been doing.
        So, apparently all the “whiners” and “crying” you’re complaining about are being taken seriously by CCP, while the “who cares?” casuals like yourself can go stick your head back in the sand.

      2. Speaking only for myself (Kyle) It is hard to be outraged when it comes to the RMT bit about Somergate. Eve. hough the EULA NOW paints the violation in black and white, THEN it was very much a grey area.

        Maybe we should have been more specific when discussing Somergate as there were 3 different phases to the scandal and three different issues to discuss.

        phase 1: bringing in dead ships to auction off
        phase 2: issuing Ishukone Watch scorpions to Somer
        phase 3: RMT issues with the Somer business model

        Our discussion only centered on the scorpions during episode 21… we only have so much time for a live cast.. So… that being said, RMT is bad. I hope that clears the phase 3 issue up.

  2. Guys I have literally listened to every one of these episodes since I started playing EVE and Kyle told me about it. At first I didn’t quite understand all of the EVE jargon as most newbs wouldn’t within the first few days of playing but I stuck with it and continue to listen. This episode was honestly my favorite one so far as it was a way for you guys to vent based on your opinions of some of the daily dealings of EVE. I can say without a doubt that this podcast has helped me out quite a bit to take a step back and look at things from a different point of view (which is exactly what is needed), as Bruce Lee once said:

    “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash.”

    Flexibility is important in this game as what you THINK you know one day can be completely different from the next.

    I’ve only played for 7 months and I make BILLIONS a month doing practically whatever the hell I want in the game. Kyle can verify as I’ve told him about losing 3 battleships in a WH in a matter of hours just because I wanted a good fight.

    Furthermore as to the other comments above all I can really say is that the creators of the podcast are not required to be “like every other blogger/podcast”. There was a comment about not wanting to fact check some of the information contained withing. I would move to ask how it is possible for you to point out a flaw in what was aforementioned if you are not willing to back up such a claim while asking them to defend themselves over said “incorrect information”. I think that being able to look at things objectively as opposed to subjectively will help you in not being such a fucking sour puss and might help you out in the future.

    Anyways that’s my contribution to the fire (sorry about the book) if you don’t like it feel free to come pod me on my main Towelie Smokesalot. I’ll be waiting =)


    1. Hey Tom,

      This is a fun one to answer: The song is called Holly Holy from the “Here Comes the Boom Soundtrack” (actually a really good Kevin James movie). The version on the cast is a remix of the Neil Diamond original performed by “Ultralove” you see it on youtube here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUrJ5Wa5zhQ). There is also a version sung by Charice…. but Ultralove is the best. =) Hope that helps.

  3. Another great episode guys. I am completely confused about blinkgate and I don’t care but I loved your rant. More drunken rants I say! I will have to use my promo code (thanks for choosing my lil ol haiku) to figure out what the blink fuss is all about!

    On to my angry rants:

    (takes a long draw on whiskey glass) Post the fits!!!

    I am also a 7 or 8 month noob player, play for pvp With RvB (nice fights in the FFA btw Random) and happen to love tristans. I listen to your podcast driving to work. Trying to write down Fin’s fit while driving was even more dangerous than you trying to cut your hand off with the saw Kyle!

    If I were obsessed with consistency and fact checking I would point out several occasions in recent podcasts where you have said you’d post the fit and haven’t (sook) but I’m not so i’ll just go back and jot them down and might even post them myself in the comments as I have done once in the past.

    Anyway, enough of angry, keep up the great work, definitely the best podcast in eve, keep it like it is!


      1. Awesome work Kyle. Thanks. When I need a change from RvB would love to try Aideron for a while. Drones and armor! Hopefully will get a chance to fly with you some time.

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