Beard Victory Part I

Well, round one is over!

Short version is….I winned. (or…won, to help Kyle’s sensibilities. I kid, dude!)

But the epic errors really made me feel foolish. Here’s how it went down.

Fight One. Condor vs. Merlin. Got lock and started burning towards him. Launched my first volley of Light Missiles and thats when Concord swooped in and BOOSH! Since I had “first blood”, Concord was kind enough to liberate me from my Condor.

Fight Two. Kestrel vs. Merlin. Got that “invite to duel” thing sorted out and we went back at it with gusto! However, as a Merlin pilot, I am well aware that range dictation is not exactly it’s strong suit. Merlins and Kiters do not get on well. Random kills Tumbles.

Fight Three. Incursus vs. Breacher. Even Herr Bert (our Ref and video recorder) said that this would be bad for Tumbles. Dropped drone and sped in using long range ammo as I closed. I chased him about and when things started looking truly bad for Tumbles, I made the mistake of switching to short range. My damage fell off, he caught up and then the Small Ancillary Armor Repper ran out of Paste. I got pasted. Tumbles kills Random.

Fight Four. Kestrel vs. Breacher. I was pretty confident that the Kessie would dominate, and it did. Tumbles did manage to land a couple hits but my shields were never in any danger. Random kills Tumbles and wins the B.O. 3! Tumbles, with good grace said he could not justify having a beard and then shaved it off on the twitch stream. Bravo sir, bravo.

We had an honor fight in Ventures as a “cool down” exercise.

Fight Five. Random’s Laser Venture vs. Tumbles Autocannon Venture. Man….this is just downright fail. Drop drones, Lock target and open fire with Scorch and CONCORDOKKEN! Yep, did it again. Forgot to “invite to duel” and suffered my second Concord loss. In shame, (and amidst RL family pressure) I too have sacrificed my beard to the beard gods as penance. You will see the proof soon™ as I’ll need to get pics and such.

Fight Six. While waiting off my timer, I fitted a replacement Venture and we tried it again. Scorch Focused Pulse with Hobgobs ate Tumbles alive. Random wins!

Herr Bert has cleaned and assembled the video for the duel and is located at Hope you enjoy!!

Tip of the hat to:

Tumbles Goodness! You were a wonderful opponent and I had a LOT of fun!
Herr Bert! You were an awesome ref and commentator. The footage will be processed (re: cleaned up and long delays removed) and you will be able to see it on his youtube channel. I’ll post the link when it’s given to me
Mike Azariah! For arranging prizes with The Angel Project and his donation of a Worm to the prize pool!
Kirith Kodachi and Telegram Sam for their contributions as well.

Tumbles will need to concede to the power of BEARD on the next recorded podcast of Fly Reckless. Watch for episode 97 of FR for that announcement. If there are new players that would like a nice “get started package”, post on the site or contact us and we’ll make sure you get some “newbro” status!

We’ve sort of talked about making this a “thing”. Since I am “King of the Hill” (for this minute or two) I was issued a challenge by Herr Bert. Our next Beard vs. Bob match (the name may change as participants change) will be in high sec (he has to play in MY yard) and will be with Dessies. So far, the talk is NO Talwars. (since I seem to be really successful at missile chucking)

Thank you all for a really fun time and watch for the links to the footage when it comes available!

Here’s proof that the beard was sacrificed in penance! Just an FYI, my chin hasn’t seen daylight in years.

7 thoughts on “Beard Victory Part I

  1. Well played and congrats on your wininn’ed 🙂

    Great to have a go, even though the space police made shenanigens of us twice! I look forward to watching the space fight between you and Herrrbert! Also, thanks Herrrbert for being our referee, much appreciated!

  2. This is/was awesome…now I really enjoy your podcast, could you guys um maybe put one up…mean time I will check for that u tube vid


  3. Shaz, we have one recorded and i’ll be working on it tonight and (probably tomorrow). Should be up before the weekend is out!

  4. Soon™. I’m negotiating the rules with Herr Bert for the next fight in Dessies. I think we’ll try to do this within the next couple of weeks (or so…..)

    Thanks Sam!

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