Beard Vs. Bob (or Battle of the ‘Casters)

Well, it has come to this.

It started out innocently enough with simple conversations with my fellow ‘casters in the uber sekrit podcast Skype channel. When Tumbles Goodness (the co-host with Connall Tara of Fly Reckless) gave a wonderful shout out to me and announced that he gets me riled in the channel. (Paraphrase, mine) The normally stoic German/Scandinavian in me went “huh?”.

Now, the gauntlet has been thrown and I must defend the BEARD against the representative of Bob.

This Thursday, October 17, 2013, I must defend the High Drag Beard Powah against Tumbles and the Faith of Bob. It will be at 2000 Game time in Amarr. Best of three in frigates with an honor duel in Ventures.

Word is, the contests will be frapsed and recorded (and whatever) and potentially make it into the vault of The Daily Roam. (I shall carry my head high despite my shame if I loose.)

I shall have to draw upon the collective beard power. Zao. Fintarue. Epic beards. Lend me your strength since I feel we can vanquish the fickle power of Bob. (Insert Rocky IV training montage here!)

(That, and we’ve each thrown 15 mil in the pot!)

The looser must also go on their respective podcast and acknowledge the “power” of the winner.

Wish me luck, all. (particularly since we are both self admitted fails at pvp!)

(late edit: CSM8 Member Mike Azariah has offered to sweeten the deal by adding a Worm to the prize pool. Both Tumbles and I have graciously agreed. Thank you Mike! And for those of you who don’t know, Mike Azariah is collecting bounties. If you have a few iskies, please throw some more bounty on him. He’ll appreciate it.)

(late late edit: Broadcast from the Ninevah’s host, Kirith Kodachi will contribute 15 mil to the prize pool! Make sure to download and support Broadcasts, fellow podcast listeners!!)

(late, late late edit: Mike Azariah has confirmed that Sindell Pellion from “The Angel Project” will donate a prize pack that the winner will be able to give away on their podcast. Thank you Sindell!)

(additional late edit: Telegram Sam from Blue Federation and the Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest has donated an Apotheosis to the prize pool. Check out Pod and Pilot and write!!!)

8 thoughts on “Beard Vs. Bob (or Battle of the ‘Casters)

  1. And Boom! I lose the fight 2-1 in favour of Random, plus i lost the bonus Venture fight! All good fun! I upped the ante, by committing to shave if I lost, as i wouldn’t be worthy of a beard or ‘stache. So that was all shaved off now 🙂

    Mistakes were made, however, as we forgot to initiate a duel not once but TWICE! As Random was the first to fire in both cases, the WRATH of CONCORD came down, and he got popped twice, in both the opening fight, as well as in the first of the two Venture fights.

    My hat goes off to you Mr McNally, well played, and TONS of fun! I hope to see your fight against Herrbert soon!


    1. Was my pleasure sir! You are an honored foe. However, for my failures at initiating the duel, I too shaved my beard in penance. Harsh lesson to learn!!

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