Episode 19: Here’s Your Rubicon…

Just in time for your Honey-do chores tomorrow. Our panel this time around is made up of Kyle Yanowski, Random McNally, Zao Amadues, Ashterothi, and finally, the creator of the Aura Android app, Marcel Devereaux. Zealot is feeling the pressure of the Government shutdown and couldn’t be with us this time around. Thanks to everyone in Zao Amadues’ twitch channel that contributed to the content of this episode. Streaming High Drag live, really has become part of our Modus Operandi; if you haven’t experienced eve podcasting live, you, my friend, are missing out.

In this episode:

  • We debate the merits of Rubicon and all of the mystery surrounding it
  • We reveal the winners of the High Drag Haiku contest
  • The Noob Corner covers Vic Vorlon’s blog “A Visit to New Eden”
  • We give a shout out to Zendane and his awesome audio chronicle Eve Reader
  • We gear up for the 20th episode milestone
  • Tao of Zao covers an interesting solo Celestis fit (Stay tuned for the fitting text)
  • Music in this episode is by The Bouncing Souls


9 thoughts on “Episode 19: Here’s Your Rubicon…

      1. He was definitely saying POCO (a dozen or so times) when he meant POS. @37:20

        Does he not know that POCO means Player Owned Customs Office and not just some fun word we all decided to call deployables?

    1. I listened to it afterwords and was so mad at myself. At one point I said “POCOs have POS shields and POS arrays” and I literally head desked.

  1. Hi folks, this is Zendane from the Eve Reader podcast.

    Thank you for the mention of Eve Reader on your podcast! I’m glad to hear that you’re fans of the show and I appreciate the extra bit of publicity for the readings.

  2. Good stuff, liked the Celestice.
    Wonder if Zao could elaborate on some more of his piloting tactics one ‘cast.
    Also I was a bit confused as to what the changes to EAFs and ‘ceptors were going to be and how you thought they were going to affect gameplay.

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