Haiku for you!

The High Drag Podcast is issuing a contest. We have 2x 100 million ISK promo codes for SOMER BLINK to give away to the writers of the best New Eden Haiku. Send in your short works of written art to Random McNally (in game name) or post it on the High Drag Webpage, or reply to the Eve Online Forum thread. As long as your entry is a Haiku and as long as it is about  New Eden, you will be eligible to receive 1x of the Somer Blink promo codes.

We will read the best Haiku(s) live on Zao Amadues’ twitch stream at 0200 Eve Time on Wednesday October 2nd 2013. We’ll also be recording episode 19 of High Drag.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Haiku for you!

  1. Or this (though more about High Drag than New Eden)

    Ice and spirits mix
    Glass raised to Kyle’s thirsty lips
    Secret word smashed again

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