Beards and Wizards

Trolling along the internet highway, somewhat drunken and lost after recording Episode 16 of Highdrag, I stumbled upon a simple graphic that illustrated beard ratios. I decided to EVEize it; the result is below.


First, for those of you that follow the cast, and for those of you that follow certain Twitch streams, Zao Amadues is the guy on the right. The guy is a PVP wizard. If you haven’t seen his streams, stop reading, right now, and head over there to watch the wizard conjure up spaceship explosions worthy of a space Houdini.

Secondly, learning EVE PVP is difficult. If you are constantly low on funds, jumping back into the thick of things by trial and error may not be the most cost effective way of giving your muscles their memory.  A more effective way, would be listening to the Tao of Zao on this cast, and watching his Twitch stream. You can learn basics of PVP in just about any ship (because he flies them all) or, for the veterans, you can learn the subtlety of attacking a large gang in a Slicer. Last night, everyone in Zao’s channel watched him coax a calf from a gang, slaughter it, then warp away. Like a lion. A crazy bearded wizard lion. Maybe it’s the Grizzly Wintergreen dip, maybe it’s the beard, I don’t know. What I do know, is that you, dear reader, can learn these techniques from a Wizard. Right now. You just have to make the effort and watch the stream. Oh, and don’t forget to start growing your beard (sorry ladies).

Lastly, and since last nights recording (and drinking) forced my hand in writing this post, I wanted to mention that a different kind of wizard is hard at work using trickery to edit Episode 16. Random McNally is the guy that makes all of us Neanderthals coherent in the final cut, a feat no other mortal can accomplish. His wizard beard must drag on the floor behind him.  Episode 16 is coming very soon.

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