A case of EvE Alzheimer’s

Coming back to something is never an easy feat. Hopping back on a bicycle after years of slovenly couch like behavior, entering a boxing match after a decade of retirement, or in my case, coming back to EvE after time off is about as rough as traveling to a foreign country without a translator. I had taken the last month and a half off of EVE to reboot myself;  The details of why are boring, so I would rather just go into the horror I experienced when I reloaded EVE, and logged in to the realization that I… have.. forgotten… everything.

As the station hangar loaded for the first time in a long while, I saw a vaguely familiar outline of a Federation Navy Comet (To hell with every damn Hookbill in the verse).  I was in a world that was very familiar, but altogether foreign. Questions like “Nennemalia?!? Why am I in Nennemalia? Did I log off there. It’s been so long.” Began firing in my twitch deprived brain pan. I truly had no idea why I was in the system I was in (I know how my 3 year old feels now, falling asleep in one room, only to wake up in another) Trying to shake of this disorientation, I attempted to bring up my assets so I clicked on a button… my wallet came up instead. To my horror I realized I didn’t recognize the UI icons any more! I quickly closed the eve client and opened up a web browser. I logged into the HighDrag page while simultaneously logging into skype to say “hello” to some of my favorite people. If I was going to get some EvE rehab, these were going to be the people to do it.

It’s amazing to me how quickly skills can atrophy in a game like EVE online. The EVE gods giveth and they taketh away I suppose. After only a short time away, I instantly forgot how to read my overview, what fights I should take ( and which fights I should tuck tale and run from) When I should pulse my AB or MWD, what distances I should stay at, what ammo I should load, etc, etc, etc. There is a lot of skill involved with this game of ours, and although it can induce burnout, I learned the very valuable lesson that I will not venture from the universe New Eden for too long.

That being said, I am back, and it is good to be back. We are recording our next episode this Wednesday and as always, I have a gigantic bottle of Jesse James Outlaw Bourbon that is going to ensure that  this is going to be a good one. Here’s to you, EvE Community. Cheers.

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