Episode 15: Skeleton Crew and T3mp3s7 too

Episode 15 brought us a skeleton crew of Ashterothi and Random as they discuss what little they’ve been doing in game recently, and some discussions regarding the proposed HAC changes and some of their observations from Alliance tournament.

Sad thing is, by the time the podcast was put together and uploaded, everything had changed.

However, in this episode, Random had a chance to interview T3mp3s7 from Pandemic Legion with regards to the upcoming Toronto Meet up in August.  Details for the meetup can be found at http://www.facebook.com/events/143575662512526/ or you can contact T3mp3s7 in game or in the Toronto Meet Up chat tab.

I was so excited to see RVB and Agony Empire doing very well in Alliance Tourney XI and was a proud and vocal supporter for both teams.  Regretfully, RVB was eliminated before the podcast was released but I’m still proud of the team.  Go Purple!!  There is always next year!!

Skeleton Crew and T3mp3s7 too

Music for this episode:

Roll On Down The Highway by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Goody Two Shoes by Adam and the Ants

In The Dark by Billy Squire

Train Train by Blackfoot

Special recognition for our bed music goes to 3rr0rc0d3 and his website at http://www.minddivided.com.  He was kind enough to give permission for the podcast to use his space music.  Episode 15’s bed music was provided by the album “Clouded” from the website.  Thanks 3rr0r!!

Thank you very much for listening!  Please give us a review on iTunes!!

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Skeleton Crew and T3mp3s7 too

  1. Hehe, this one in particular. Every time I hear “Roll on down the Highway” for some reason my right foot gets heavy. Great song to turn the stereo up to “11”.

    Thanks Volstag!!

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