Episode 14: Some Speculations

Wow!  Real live has been really busy.  We had our recording done on time but all the post work thats involved ended up getting pushed to the background as that life outside of EVE smacked us around a bit.  Congratulations to Ash on the birth of a new baby boy!  My son went into surgery and is doing very well!

Sorry about the delays.

High Drag Podcast did it’s maiden live broadcast compliments of Zao’s twitch live stream located at http://www.twitch.tv/lokoforloki.  We will continue to stream live while recording the raw podcast footage for as long as Zao lets us…..

In episode 14, the cast talks a little bit about what a noob can do after the tutorial missions and then we discuss ways we have speculated in game.  Speculation on what market changes can be anticipated with an upcoming expansion or how to make the best (possible pvp) moves for the changes that have occurred.

Kyle receives and reads a letter about an enterprising pvp’er who worked up a new tactic to find and engage those pesky low sec explorers while they are farming those new exploration mini-games.

Tao of Zao and shout outs wrap up the episode.

HD Final EP14 

Participants on the cast were:  Kyle Yanowski, Zealot Comadrin, Zao Amadues and Random McNally

Zao’s Crucifier

2X 150mm Light Autocannon II’s with R.F Phased Plasma

Warp Scrambler II, 1MN Afterburner II, Balmer-Series Tracking Disruptor (one of each script), Stasis Webifier II

Damage Control II, Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, 200mm Plate II

Rigs:  1 Small Projectile Burst Aerator, 2X Small projectile metastasis adjusters

Drones:  Mix of Hobs and Warriors

Music blurbs on this episode were:

The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles

Big Balls by AC/DC

Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

Play That Funky Music White Boy by Grand Funk Railroad

Ghost Riders In The Sky by the Outlaws

High Drag would like to thank EVE Tools for sponsoring the show!

Special thanks go out to all the people who took time and recorded drops for the podcast!  Keep ’em coming folks!  MP3 files can be sent to RandomMcNally01@gmail.com.

Please go to iTunes and give us a review!  Dont be a hater, Lord Ballface!!

4 thoughts on “Episode 14: Some Speculations

  1. Hi guys, great to see the podcast doing so well. Love the live streaming idea – can you post up here so we know when to log in to Zao’s twitch to catch the next one?

    Speaking of streaming I have a suggestion – a High Drag streamed roam as the basis for one or more episodes, or just as an in game fun exercise if turning it into a cast is troublesome.

    This would achieve several things:

    (i) It would let you all put your unique perspectives on pvp and your various fits up there for fans to see in action.

    (ii) It would get the gang back together in Eve. When you started Kyle, Zao and Random were all in RvB, but you almost immediately all went your separate ways, except Random who has had too little time for pvp.

    (iii) The roam should be open so fans of the cast like me get to fly with you all and whore on your kill mails (no sniper cormorants I promise).

    (iv) The roam could be promoted through RvB and other forums, also raising the profile High Drag.

    (v) Kyle (that’s K-Y-L-E) could be FC and explain that chain of command thingy in his fleet brief.

    Would be great for noobs like me to see in action!

    Grats to Ash and all the best to your boy in his recovery Random

    Shaggy Vatuiel
    Member of RvB Red Fed

    1. I think this is a great idea. We can all fly T1 frigs and if anyone is alive at the end we can all try to kill zao.

  2. Traditionally, we’ve recorded on every other Wednesday evening but sometimes thats a bit scattered as well. With everyone’s busy schedules, it can be hit or miss. HOPEFULLY we’ll get episode 15 recorded tonight (roughly 2000 Central Time).

    Thanks for following the ‘cast, Shaggy. I’ll have a talk with the boys and see if we cannot arrange a “High Drag” roam.

  3. I found your podcast and liked the last two episodes especially the key decisions stories. My key decision was to stop playing the game and then to come back just recently.

    [Ep 13] The discussion of new content in Eve was interesting and for every argument one way there is a good counter argument. I think player created sites would be a good idea especially if they where done with a template for rewards and enemies. There could be a model creator for the 3D creation of monuments and a space for flavour text. For example you could fly to a site and see a huge broken statue of a bee or a dinosaur.

    [ep 14] Just for reference the Blood Stained Stars new player arc starts with at Sister Alitura at Arnon IX – Moon 3 – Sisters of Eve Bureau. Seamus Donohue from Eve Uni does a video walk through.

    On another note for new players. While I respect the work they do such as the audio talk on technical matters and their wiki I would not recommend Eve Uni as a first corporation. It is not the greatest experience especially if there is a war dec on them. The Uni’s procedure is to stop all uni students from flying around for the duration.

    I can understand the rationale as random student flights would to easy targets but it would be frustrating for a new player to have just started internet spaceships game and then be told not to fly around. Well it was for me.

    I enjoyed the shows and look forward to listening to more

    In game: like-shadows-into the-night

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