Episode 11: Chattin’ with Pyrodante


Fan Fest is now behind us and the new expansion Odyssey has been announced in all it’s shiny glory.  We’ve invited Pyrodante, a writer for TheMittani (dot) com and a director in Aideron Robotics to discuss some of the new features.

I did get a chance to build myself a new computer and needless to say, some of my levels are way off.  Sincere apologies for the quality but I’ll be dialing in the levels and we’ll get things squared away.

Music this episode:

Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop

Do Ya  by Ace Frehly

No More Mr. Nice Guy  by Alice Cooper.

Zao’s Ares fit:

Light Neutron Blaster II (x2)

Corelli  C-type 1MN MicroWarp Drive

Faint Epsilon Scrambler I

Balmer Series Tracking Disruptor

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Internal Force Field Array

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Small Ancillary Armor Repairer


Small Overclocking

Small Ancillary Current Router

Hope you enjoy the episode!  Be sure to rate us on iTunes!

9 thoughts on “Episode 11: Chattin’ with Pyrodante

  1. If i want to listen to a song ill play a song, i wanted to a listen to a podcast.

    1. I agree, somewhat. We’ll go back to much shorter introduction music and get right into the discussion. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback to make the cast better, and we’re doing just that.

  2. I like the songs, they usually go with what is being discussed and give the cast a bit of flavour.

    If you don’t like them just fast forward!

    1. I think the issue was with the beginning music, to which I agree, It should be eliminated or shortened all together. Either way, thanks for the feed back. We’re going to sit down as a cast and discuss a lot of issues that are either holding us back, or will take us forward.

  3. Just like to say, Kyle, that I have followed your podcast from the beginning and each one is better than the last. You are really hitting your stride now. Keep up the good work, good beards and good tequilas.

  4. I just listened to and rated your pod cast on Itunes w/ Pyrodante.
    Was wondering if you could send me a link with his writings.

    Rated 5 btw 🙂

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