The case for the D-Scan Disruption module

The case for a D-scan disruption module.

Odyssey is upon us, and with it, the hope of a revived low sec industry. Low sec, currently, is the most dangerous place for industry. Where HISEC has Concord, and NULLSEC has coalitions and vast swathes of empty buffer space, LOWSEC has pirates, neutrals, and militias constantly searching for the easy mining target and/or the proverbial good fight. The changes in odyssey, namely the resource redistribution, are providing a recognizable carrot on a stick to entice the normal HISEC miner to indulge in an activity that allows for slightly higher profits; but it is not enough.

There is not a single chance that the exploration and resource changes will be enough to charm New Eden industrialists out of HISEC and into the asteroid (and target) rich environment of LOWSEC. It is simply too easy to recognize a mining target on D-scan, and warp to the target; this is just the individual miner in a Venture, I don’t believe I have ever seen a LOWSEC mining op with more than one barge or exhumer in LOWSEC. Ever. And that’s a shame.

So here is a modest proposal. Introduce an active module that creates a bubble of D-scan interference. Those on the outside cannot see (on D-scan) what is inside the bubble, likewise, those that arewithin the bubble cannot see outside of the bubble (The miners would have to rely on a scout within their Mining Operation to provide early warning).  By introducing this module, we create an added layer of perceived protection for miners within LOWSEC, and possibly, a resurgence of mining operations in the most dangerous areas of New Eden.

I’m curious, miners, I have two questions. Do you plan on moving yourself and / or your corporation into LOWSEC for mining operations? If not, would a D-Scan disruption module be enough to entice you to come into LOWSEC?

2 thoughts on “The case for the D-Scan Disruption module

  1. As more and more people begin to play EVE, (more than 500, 000 now) the resources available in highsec are becoming mo and more sparse. There are a few options available here. Your idea is 1 viable solution. There are also some others, such as expanding the area of highsec space. But this idea will meet with a lot of resistance. Of course they can also do nothing at all which seems most likely.

    from the miners point of view, I would think it would still be very dangerous since all you have to do is wander from 1belt to another until you find the miners. If people will sit at a gate for 3 or 4 hours waiting for just two people to come thru so they can be ganked I don’t see why they won’t just go from belt to belt. But hey, I could be wrong. Still, your idea has good potential imho.

  2. Having been on the test server and had corpmates try to catch me (while I knew they were actively hunting me), I found it impossible to not get caught. They can zone into the system, from cloak see all the grav sites, and with dscan and the new camera mechanics from Retrib 1.2 spot me in 10 seconds assuming I’m in d-scan range. If I’m not, they will have to warp around until I’m in range.

    Of course, as each grav site is depleted, there are less and less places for a miner to hide. The only effective way I could prevent non cloakers from getting the jump was to setup two warp points on opposite sides of the belt. As you mine, you keep aligned and at 2/3 speed so if anything pops on d-scan, you’re gone before they can come out of warp.

    Of course, mining drones are useless like this, but you can prevent all ships except stealth bombers with points (0% cloak/target delay@L5) from getting you. Its a major hassle either way.

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