Episode 9: Reservoir Hosts

We’re back! And only after a light delay. Zealot Comadrin, a new recruit, joins the cast along with Kyle Yanowski, Zao Amadues, and of course, Random Mcnally.

In this episode:

  • The Battle of Caldari Prime
  • A Noob perspective
  • Tao of  Zao
  • And then Random Finally joins us (after his puzzle agent meeting).

Music in this episode includes:

Stuck in the Middle With You by Steelers Wheel (hence the Reservoir Dogs title)

Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

Houses of the Holy by Led Zepplin (by request)

High Drag 9 Reservoir Hosts

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Despite the technical difficulties (Random’s computer is slowly killing it’s gerbils) and an unexpected road trip, we finally got this thing together!  IF you like the podcast, we kindly ask you to go to iTunes and give us a rating and review.  This helps the ‘cast become more visible for others!  Thanks a ton, everyone!

Be sure to listen to the bloopers that are attached on the very end of the ‘casts!  😉

5 thoughts on “Episode 9: Reservoir Hosts

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Format was great before but noob insight is a nice touch. I give him 3 more episodes before the honeymoon-enduced eve-evangelist leaves him 😉
    Maybe you could arrange for Zealot to try all of the different facets of eve and offer a ‘first view’ opinion. I would throw ISK at a sounbite of his first roam with Zao.
    Fly like you stole it o7

  2. Certainly within the realm of possibilities. We’ll talk to Zealot and force him to try the various PVE aspects of the game to get his opinion. I suspect that he’ll be craving the pvp by the end of his imprisonment. 😉 However, Zao is so bloodthirsty, I suspect he wouldn’t last long on the roam.

    Thanks for the response!

  3. I’m not bloodthirsty! oh well maybe I am just a bit. I would definitely roam with Zealot, but expect tons of cursing. I feel I do a good job of calmly explaining the finer points of eve solo PvP, but when it comes to working with people I’m not so calm.

  4. Hey guys,

    Another good podcast. Nicely done. I identify with Zealot’s eve-evangelism – when I was new to Eve I was like him and was in awe of the game and what you could do in it. So it was nice to hear his positive perspective.

    Great timing for Zao’s Condor piece. I’ve been reading some others opinions on this bird and was leaning to a light missile fit, so Zao’s fit and how he flies it was real timely for me.

    In the show you mentioned a few kill mails – I was hoping to see them linked here? Are they available somewhere?

    Great tunes again. Hadn’t heard Magic Carpet Ride for quite some time – had to back the podcast up and play it again!


    1. Thanks man! As a biker (IRL), anytime I get to listen to Steppenwolf, it’s good for the soul. We’ll try to get Zao to cough up some of his KM’s with the Condor and try to get some links or see if he has a link to his KB that he’s willing to share.

      Keep listening!

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