Episode 8: Drunk and Disorderly (and hanging with Mang)

High Drag 9 Drunkin DisOrderly

Yea, we’re a week late and a bit “in our cups”.  Kyle has fled the sekrit CIA Pizza Kitchens and is settling into his new home in a new state.  This was more than enough reason to celebrate and record.  In this episode,  we ramble about the state of armor tanking since the release of the new AAR, and briefly glaze over the new election system.  In our second segment, Mangala Solaris joins Random in a conversation about his bid for CSM8 and in our final segment, Zao tells us about a Blaster Atron and how best to use it.

Music in this episode:

Devil’s Right Hand by Johnny Cash (hey, some country music is cool, this is bluesy)

Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones (it’s the Ramones…..nuff said!)

Something About You by Boston (these dudes have never played a power chord I didn’t like!)

Dancin’ in the Ruins by Blue Oyster Cult (my 14yr old’s favorite band.  Brought him up right.)

Zao’s Atron Fit

3X Light Neutron Blaster II


1X Warp Scrambler II

1X 1MN Afterburner II

1X Stasis Webifier II


1X Damage Control II

1X Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

1X Magnetic Field Stabilizer II


1X Small Anti-Explosive Armor Pump I

1X Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

1X Small Hybrid Ambit Extension I


Void S, Null S, CNAM and Nanite Repair Paste to flavor!


Hope you enjoy the episode!

6 thoughts on “Episode 8: Drunk and Disorderly (and hanging with Mang)

  1. Hi guys,

    I don’t see any other comments here – am I the first?

    I’m really enjoying your podcast, both for the content and for the tunes. It’s on my “must” list. And it’s great to hear guys with an RVB perspective. Keep it up, please. 🙂

    I just listened to episode 8/9, and you’ve got a mistake there that I just have to correct. Use Angular Velocity in your Overview for tracking, not Radial Velocity. Angular Velocity uses radians/sec, which is how your turret tracking is specified. Radial Velocity is the straight line speed toward or away from you, and it’s in metres/sec.

    A Radian is a standard unit of angular measure in math (there are others, like degrees). Wikipedia has a nice animation that shows where how it is derived. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radian) A radian is about 57.29 degrees. I’m not sure why CCP chose radians – degrees is more familiar to most people. But they did use radians, so to compare tracking to your target’s motion, you need to use radians too – which is Angular Velocity on the overview.

    Radial Velocity measures how the straight line distance between you and the target is changing. If it’s getting smaller, then the radial velocity is negative and you are closing in (or maybe he’s closing in). Radial Velocity is positive if the distance between you is growing.

    Some examples of the difference between Angular and Radial velocity:
    1 – A ship in orbit around you (assuming a nearly constant orbit) will have a positive Angular Velocity and a zero (or near zero) Radial Velocity.
    2- A ship coming straight at you (and catching up with you) will have a zero Angular Velocity and a negative Radial Velocity.
    3- A ship moving away from you at an angle will have a positive Angular Velocity, and a positive Radial Velocity.
    4 – A ship spiraling in on you will have a positive Angular Velocity and a negative Radial Velocity.

    I have both Radial and Angular on my overview. I find Radial easier to use – a big number means the distance is closing (negative) or expanding (positive) fast and I likely need to react. Angular is harder because I can’t just glance at it as easily – when the numbers have zeros at the front (eg 0.0123) I find it harder to compare two numbers – I’m second guessing myself on where was the decimal point.

    Thanks for the great podcast!

    1. Hey Ino!

      Thanks for the comment and straightening us out! This is why I have the combat philosophy of “get in your face and overheat everything”. This is also why I fail 😉

      Thanks for listening!


      1. Hmmm. Enemy survival 18%. Isk efficiency 90%. I wish I could fail that badly! 😉

        It appears that “get in your face and overheat” is quite successful.


  2. Hey guys, new to Eve (1.5m sp) and working my way through the game and your podcasts (up to episode 5). Love both. Particulary love the solo pvp stuff.

    I am a complete noob, and Kyle, I am that guy who never tried mining and am training gunnery, drones and ships so I can go and shoot stuff! About to try FW, maybe then some solo. Thanks Kyle for the podcast, thanks Zeo for the tips – you sound deadly, thanks Random for the link to vile’s blog, and the attitude, and hope I don’t see any of you too soon in space, but hey, if I do I can be your latest kill!

    I am in Australia, so timezone a bit different to the one you all fly in, but rest assured that a good malt, and even occasionally a tequila go down just as well down under as they do on the east coast of the US.

    Might check out RvB one of these days too. Thanks again,

    Shaggy Vatuiel

  3. Hey Shaggy and welcome to EVE! After trying to solo Zao and having him mock me, I can confirm he is dangerous. Someday, Kyle and I will find his sekrit superpower and take him down. 😉 Thanks for the kind words and keep listening. We promise more episodes soon! Til then, we raise our glasses!


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