Episode 7: Srs Spaceship Bzns

High Drag 07 Final


Episode 07 has hit and your intrepid podcasters delve into some of the serious things that occured over the last couple of weeks.  The first segment had Zao and Random discussing the events surrounding EVE Uni and RVB’s war dec.  The second segment was pre-recorded with Kyle and Random talking to Petter Martensson about his project “A Tale Of Internet Spaceships” and the Indiegogo project to raise money to see it happen.

Link to the Indiegogo project and for more information is here:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-tale-of-internet-spaceships

The final segment discusses some of the upcoming Retribution 1.1 changes arriving very soon.  Armor tanking and Black Ops more prominently.  We also discuss the Thrasher set up that Zao used to mock Random in his first attempt at FC’ing and how this fit really works.

Music featured this episode include….

Psycho Circus by Kiss (the first band I became passionate about listening to  ;P)

You Better You Bet by The Who (John Entwhistle, you were a God on the Bass…)

Star Baby by The Guess Who (yes, they are two different bands)

Zao’s bounty is now 300 million ISK.  Must be a Noobship!  Go get ‘im, New Eden!

Last minute shout out to Harrigan VonStudly who walked me thru some Audacity tips.  Without your help, dude, I’d still be working on this…..Random

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