Episode 6: The Chain of Command


Well, we’re back and we managed to rescue Kyle from the secret military pizza kitchens but managed to loose Zao somewhere.  We did, however, decide to pass the love along to him by putting a bounty of 200 million isk for the first person who can deliver a Noobship KM on Zao.  Please send links to the KM to Random McNally for verification and proper credit.  Episode 6 covers a discussions all over the board.  It includes:

1.  The Titan misjump into Asakai

2.  The RVB FFA in Poinen

3.  Random’s first attempt at FC’ing a fleet

4.  Kyle’s impressions of Dust

Dev blogs from CCP’s Manifest and Quant are located here:

http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=74227 and


Music for the episode:

So Serious from ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and Street of Dreams from Rainbow.

Vile’s blog (EVEolution) has been added to the Blog list on the site.  I shall take my lumps for not doing this earlier.  (Sorry Vile….)

Please post your comments and we hope you enjoy the episode!

3 thoughts on “Episode 6: The Chain of Command

  1. I play DUST514 and EVE and I listen to this podcast. I am The Robot Devil in DUST and my corp is Betamax. Great podcast.

    1. Thanks Devil! I was a member of Betamax in the early closed beta; I left for two reasons. 1) At the time, I couldn’t invest the time needed to make the corp better (and mouse and keyboard support was unavailable) and 2) I ended up joining my EVE corp when it was decided that we would have a DUST 514 arm.

      Betamax is a great corp, and cheers for listening!

  2. Funny you should mention it, it was the Titan miss-jump story (in Game Informer) that lead me to the game. Two days into the trial account I subscribed…I love this game,so yes, events like that one expose more people to the game, and in the end lead to subscriptions.

    -Shazvatt Kasenumi

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