Episode 5: Man Down!

This episode of High Drag was, with regrets, without the aid of our Lead Chair Kyle! I was nervous and had some technical difficulties, so apologies if it sounds rough.  With practice….

On this Episode:

  • Vile (a community blogger) joins us to pimp his blog and pass the info out to old and new players about things we may just be ignorant about in our favorite game!
  • CSM member Trebor joins us to discuss the CSM minutes and give us his insights as to how the summit went.
  • Zao Amadues and Random McNally discuss solo pvp tips and Random’s derp moments in RVB.
  • Kyle Yanowski is missing in action, or in some black helicopter some where.
  • Music this time around includes Steppenwolf, the Greatful Dead, and Cinderella.
  • And the great new blog http://eveill.blogspot.com

Hope you enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Episode 5: Man Down!

  1. Where can I find Zao’s videos for PvP? I’m very interested in his breacher fit and watching him in action.

    1. Sorry about the delay. Haven’t had much of a chance to talk to Zao but will find out the information and get it posted. Thanks for your patience, Gallego!

  2. Hi,

    Any chance we can get Zao’s noob Merlin fit (with the rails) and the other frigate fits he ran through posted?

    Love your work.

  3. Hi Random, can save you the trouble – listened again while not driving and I think I got them down. Feel free to correct.

    Zao’s Fits:

    [Breacher – Kiting learner fit] – I haven’t included whether units are Is or IIs as Zao didn’t mention – or I missed it 🙂

    Rocket Launcher x 3

    Warp Scrambler
    Statis Webifier
    Medium Ancilliary Sheild Booster, cap booster 50

    Balistic Control System
    Nanofibre Internal Structure
    Damage Control

    Ant- EM Screen Reinforcer x 2
    Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer

    Hobgoblins x 2

    [Merlin MWD fit]

    Light Neutron Blaster II x 3

    Limited 1MN Microwarp Drive
    Warp Scrambler II
    X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
    Medium Sheild Extender

    Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Damage Control II

    Small Core Defense Field Extender x 2
    Small Anti-Thermal Screen Rinforcer

    [Merlin Noob “Keep at Range” fit] – this discussion was a bit more random (no pun intended) so less detail on modules

    150 mm Railguns x 3

    Statis Webifier x 2
    Warp Scrambler

    200ml Armour Plate
    Tracking Enhancer
    Damage Control

    Can swap out AB for MWD, drop a web for a tracking disruptor.

    Finally, Random added his thoughts on using a medium sheild extender II and an invulnerability field for some excellent tank.

  4. Hello, I´m new to eve and enjoying very much your podcast. Congratulations. But i´m having trouble to save the podcast file in my computer starting with episode 5, can you please put the download link in all of them just like you did in episode 10?

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