Episode 3: Solo Shot First

It’s finally happened. The cast is assembled, the line is rolling, and another High Drag Eve Podcast is hot off of the Audio Press. This Episode we introduce the cohosts of High Drag Eve, and I have to say, with the knowledge of these two, it makes my job hosting and running this little experiment pretty damn easy.

In this episode:

  • Zao Amadues and Random McNally have joined the team
  • Retribution is discussed at length
  • Zao Amadues leads a discussion about solo PvP
  • Music (Fortunate Son by CCR, 40 Ounces to Freedom by Sublime, How Far We’ve Come by Cold Play, and What I Got by Sublime)
  • Link to Random McNallys Fan Fiction

We hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we had making it. If not. Drink more.


6 thoughts on “Episode 3: Solo Shot First

  1. Another great episode and good content here. One pointer tho… one of the speakers voice volume goes up and down quite abit, which makes listening somewhat anoying.

  2. Im definetly going to Fanfest. event tickets already bought, not I gotta wait january for next salary to buy flytickets/hotel room.

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