Episode 2: Waggro

Podcasting is a blast. Not only am I learning to speak like an adult, and not some urine soaked street urchin, but I have actually convinced my wife to fire up a trial account in EVE Online. I thought I would never see the day, and yet, here we are.

In this episode:

  • Guest Hosts are Trisha Yanowski and Funkydil (Matt) Mikakkia
  • We delve deep into the bowels of Wife / Husband Agrro (Waggro and Haggro)
  • Jafa wins the 100 million for bringing us all back to reality
  • Music (Roll away your stone by Mumford and Sons, Yesterday by The Street Dogs, Death Valley Queen by Flogging Molly,  and Irish Laddie Soldier by The Porters)

I hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we had making it. If not. Drink more.

(Download Episode 2)

6 thoughts on “Episode 2: Waggro

  1. love it, i have to balance that stuff every day, and its a true challenge. especially when im trying to live stream most nights. thanks for this and followed.

  2. Ha.. I love this new podcast! You have a great host-dynamic on this episode and also very good audio quality.

    EVE Onlines great strenght and interest comes from interacting with other people, both in-game and out-of-game. Be it some voip applicationm twitter, blogging or doing podcasts and interacting that way.

  3. Just finished all of your episodes (backwards, most recent to oldest). Just joined Eve a couple of weeks ago, and I am hooked. Can’t believe I spent years in X3 and never tried out Eve.
    Gotta say, all of the episodes were fun, but he first one on wife aggro was really close to home. Kyle, your wife was delightful and sounds a lot like my wife. Took mine about a decade to come to terms with my gaming passion, and just as long for me to get the proper ‘balance’. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to future episodes, and especially more Tao if Zao.

    1. Obriets,

      Thanks for the nice words. Trish really appreciates the comments as well, and is quick to point out that she will be back for the next installment of the waggro saga once we are settled in Kansas. Cheers!

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