A Stroll Down Drake Lane

In EVE, I have gotten rather good at tucking my tail and scurrying through a gate when I have blasters equipped and see rails or arty pointed at my lone Ishkur. Running is a requirement for internet spaceship preservation, and it’s also a valuable skill to adopt when scouting for any small gang. It’s only natural that my EVE life has bled over into my personal one. It seems that I have developed a rather bad real world road running habit.

Now I should mention that I have developed a bit of a routine in EVE online as well. I am under the impression that I think my routine is not all that dissimilar from everyone else that has been touched by the curse of this game. Now and then, Eve can get boring. I hear it all of the time, “where is everyone?” or “Why can’t I get any fights?” This morning on my routine run, I learned something pretty damn valuable that can be applied in EVE Online. The lesson is simple. Don’t let it get boring. Yeah, it IS that easy. I came upon this wisdom when I took a detour from my usual running route by happening upon a sign for “Drake Lane”.

drake lane

I took Drake lane because my run was getting boring, and, well, I had never been down drake lane. I took it, ran faster than I ever have. I discovered a new trail, was almost shot by a blind hunter (true story. Wear orange on those trails, children). I Attempted to sneak up on a white tail deer; I also stumbled upon a hidden grave from 1864 (Anyone know a CAPT John R. Haley?). But most of all, I managed to forget (for just a little bit) how boring my running habit had actually become and how much fun it can be.


Grinning the whole way home, I finally got to my house and promptly logged into Eve Online. I was still grinning, high from the running detour, when I brought up the Eve Market. I made my way to the Battle Cruiser section, still smiling, and clicked on the “Buy” button for a shiny new Caldari Drake. Stuck in a routine of flying nothing but Gallente boats my entire EVE career, I decided to take another, this time more virtual, detour. After fitting, and still smiling, I undocked my new boat and warped to a destination unknown. The next time you are feeling bored in EVE, consider veering off of the self beaten path and taking a stroll down your own Drake lane. You won’t be sorry.

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