Episode 1: Prelude to a Podcast

I should start off with a small disclaimer that this is a rough start. Though labeled as episode 1, this podcast is at most more of a personal affirmation that I am serious about doing this and at a minimum, it is an experiment to ensure that all equipment and systems are go for launch.

In this episode:

  • An introduction of Kyle Yanowski
  • Explanation of the podcast format
  • Request for some co hosts (with co host requirements)
  • Music (Fuck you I’m Drunk by Bondo and  Not without a Purpose by the Street Dogs)

Sit back enjoy, and for gawd sakes, volunteer to come on the show.

3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Prelude to a Podcast

  1. registered and hoping that sometime soon, these will be available for a iTunes download. Check with Connell Tara, he’s got it nailed down.

    Looking forward to future posts/casts and hoping I may be of assistance.


    1. Random,

      I’m working with Connall to hash out the RSS and pod press, all the while building the outline for the first “official” Podcast. Should be a good one and… does that mean you are interested in co-hosting it?

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