Get down! Just kidding of course. I want to first start off by professing my undying love for you… for actually taking the time to click a link, follow up on a recommendation, and set those weary eyeballs (and ears. soon TM) on yet, another Eve Online Blog and Podcast site. Let’s face it, we love this game. There is something about the ruthless nature of internet spaceship piracy, the unending explosions of Red versus Blue, the meta game, the podcasts, Fanfest, player meet-ups…. It’s through this love that brought us both here, at this moment of space and time, to broaden the podcasting / blogging community of Eve Online.

Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to join a fleet commanded by the illustrious Professor Clio. It’s Frigatus weekend for Red versus Blue and to the uninitiated, that means we get to witness perpetual internet spaceship explosions in glorious T1 high resolution detail. Almost non stop explosions aside, There tends to be some downtime in between the Red and Blue clashes, and that’s when the best discussions tend to surface…

I aim to capture those conversations and ponderings of the  loveable RvB drunkards. This Podcast and Blog, is going to do that. After all, even Eve Online is exciting on Tequila. Lots of Tequila. And yes, Tequila gets a capital letter.

If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to this podcast and blog (I’m looking at you Rutkov, and Xanioas ), shoot an in game mail to Kyle Yanowski. It will be fun, I promise.

In the mean time, check back often, or grab the RSS. Exciting things are coming and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Welcome to High Drag.

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